Pinboard Pro Chrome extension

I created my Pinboard account over five years ago, and I am still using it. Some periods more frequently than others, but I still think it is the best bookmarking service out there. And even though I have tried many of them, Pinboard always wins with its simple and fast interface.

There are many ways to save bookmarks to Pinboard, using browser extensions, bookmarklets or apps. There is even a page listing some of them at

For a couple of months I have been using Spillo to organize my bookmarks, and it has been good. I do however have a problem with apps with built-in browsers (do not ask why), so recently I uninstalled it and started using the official Chrome extension called Pinboard Tools.

Pinboard Tools felt a bit slow. Every time I clicked the toolbar button there was a delay until the popup appeared. Enough for me to create my first Chrome extension.

Download Pinboard Pro Chrome extension


  • Save new bookmarks
  • Quick-save for reading later
  • Selected text automatically copied to description field
  • Keyboard shortcuts (customizable)
  • Customizable menu
  • Access all your bookmarks or unread only
  • Quick access to a random unread item
  • Does not store login information
  • Mac OS X only: uses the new beautiful San Francisco font!

The “Save bookmark”-dialog uses the official popup which means you have access to all your tags and tag suggestions.

If you have any feedback, let me know in the comments or file an issue on GitHub. Feel free to fork the project and customize it to your own needs.

August 9, 2015: Added keyboard shortcuts and customizable menu (1.0.0).